Mentimeter delar ut ett stipendium till en av framtidens digitala stjärnor!

Vi vill ge en person chansen att upptäcka området digitalt skapande
Mentimeter vill att fler ska få möjlighet att upptäcka och utveckla sitt intresse för digitalt skapande och instiftar därför ett stipendium hos Hello World!

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ÅLDER: Juniorer och ungdomar (8-18 år)
ORT: Hela Sverige
KÖN: Alla

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Mentimeter wants to have a positive effect on the world. Fundamentally we do this by providing a great product that gives fun and interactive meetings and presentations to the world. As a complement to this fundamental, we also lead and sponsor projects and initiatives which have a positive impact, Hello world is one of these initiatives!

Mentimeter aspires to build the world’s most beautiful interaction and presentation software that is easy to use and that you will love. Every day we help thousands of customers all over the world conduct smarter workshops, meetings, events and education sessions. And most importantly, we help them become true stars on stage.

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